I began my studies of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) in 1978 when I met  my first teacher Arthur Lee, who taught me the long form of Yang Style Taijiquan, the Yilu of Chen Style Taijiquan and the fast set of Yang Style Taijiquan as developed by Master Tung Yin Chieh. My teacher Arthur Lee learned Yang Style Taijiquan from Tung Kai Ying, the grandson of Tung Yin Chieh.  He learned the Yilu of Chen Style Taijiquan from George Xu and Gene Chen.   Currently I am studying the yilu (first form) of Chen Style Practical Method as taught by Chen Zhonghua.   Master Chen learned the Practical Method from his Master Hong Junsheng, a long time student of Chen Fake.  In my opinion the yilu as taught in the Practical Method is a superior version of Taijiquan.

I initially began learning Taijiquan to deal with a debilitating back injury and other health issues.   I had been told by my Chiropractor and my Doctor that I would be physically disabled for the rest of my life as a result of the back injury I had sustained in 1972.  Within a couple of years after beginning my studies with Arthur Lee my health issues were resolved and my back was totally healed. 

I've always had a fascination with defensive techniques that work for people of all sizes.  Taijiquan has a tremendous number of very effective techniques that do not rely on muscle strength, focusing instead on tendon and ligament strength.  I was fortunate to have a Tai Chi teacher who knew the applications of the postures and taught them to me.  When practicing Taijiquan with knowledge of the applications, the health benefits increase along with self confidence and the ability to defend oneself against aggressors. 

I began my studies of Qin Na (Joint Submissions) with Qinrong Yu in 1997.  Master Yu had operated a martial arts school teaching Qin Na in China prior to moving to the United States

The whole form is first done together in silence, allowing the students to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of going through the movements.  Once we finish practicing the whole form detailed instruction is then provided for each separate movement.  The details fully cover the position of the body, the breathing, the energy alignment of the movements as well as the applications for each posture.  This enables the students to learn at a more advanced pace and helps to prevent the students from practicing the form incorrectly. 

I have an absolute love of practicing and teaching Taijiquan.  Students are always welcome to email me or call me if they have any questions about Taijiquan.  I also make available to the students videos and written material that will facilitate their learning.   Anyone interested in lessons can either join the weekend class in the park or contact me to schedule private lessons.   No experience is necessary and I have students who are beginners as well as advanced students in the same class.  I teach the class in a manner that allows students of all abilities to learn and improve their practice of Tai Chi.